Lucullus: importer for Asian cuisine

Well-known brands

Lucullus stands for products of reliable quality brand. In many cases, we are the exclusive distributor. Thanks to the many import facilities we have been patiently building up all these years, many of the big and important A-brands can be found in our assortment. We are proud to have a great number of products of original and well-known Japanese brands. In addition, we also have the Lucullus quality items, of course, but also well-known names like Indomie and Kara coconut products.

Diverse assortment

We enjoy purchasing the most, because that is what we are passionate about. We at Lucullus get a real kick out of popularizing products in staid Holland that are also popular in Asia. But we don’t just add anything to our assortment. Our success formula has always been that you will find a limited number of products with us. That is what we are so good at and we guarantee their quality 100%!

Communicating and supplying

We at Lucullus appreciate short lines. Big or small client, you always deserve our undivided attention. Personal contact is very important to us, that is why we have our own field service. We use clear, uniform and transparent pricing. Our clients know Lucullus as an honest, trusted and solid partner. We, in turn, work with good partners for the deliveries. We do not have our own logistics, but are able to deliver quickly and reliably with a 24-hour service. We are happy to actively assist clients with delivery and packing: you will not receive a pallet shipment from us if your storage space is in the back, on the third floor.

ISO certification

Quality is very important to us, and those are not empty words. We meet the ISO standards for Import, storage and trade in Asian foods. Click here for the ISO certificate.


Lucullus always has an eye for developments related to Asian cuisine. Currently, for example, halal and organic products are increasingly popular. We deal with this in our own way: we don’t suddenly start offering all kinds of everything. No, we carefully expand our assortment and ensure that the quality stays at the level Lucullus is known for.

This is how we can continue to guarantee that Lucullus is the ultimate company for high-quality specialty Asian items for you.

Our name: connoisseur

Lucius Licinius Lucullus was a Roman general who lived from 109 to 57 B.C. He gathered many riches through some successful expeditions in Asia Minor (about 10 years).  After his return to Rome, he organized big parties, where the guests were served all kinds of delicious Asian dishes. Lucullus was a generous host. The dinners and parties he gave were legendary at the time. That is how the name Lucullus has come to be a synonym for ‘connoisseur’.


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