Thai Delight
  • Lucullus imports a complete line of food by the brand Thai Delight, from Thailand. For example, think of fish and oyster sauce, but also of various types of spices in paste form, like ginger, garlic and coriander. Easy to use, but just as aromatic and tasty as the fresh kind.
  • Thai Delight also has a line of “ready to eat” noodles in an assortment of flavours. A few minutes in the microware and enjoy!
  • An interesting fact about Thai cuisine: it doesn’t actually exist. The country has many regional cuisines, which are very diverse. But there is one binding factor: they all do their best to include all the basic flavours into a meal or even one dish: spicy, sour, salty and (sometimes) bitter. The various cuisines in Thailand distinguish themselves by using many fresh herbs.
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