• Lucullus has a beautiful series of original canned delicacies by Indomas. We have ready-to-serve dishes, such as Sambal Goreng Campur, Sambal Goreng Udang, Sayur Lodeh and Sayur Gudeg.  In addition, you can also find the original ingredients of your rijsttafel at Lucullus, such as Nangka Muda, Sajur Asem and Tumis Tahu Tempeh.
  • Considering the past, it is not surprising that Indonesian cuisine has an undeniable influence on the food we eat in our country. But it’s also the other way around: Dutch cuisine has also certainly contributed to the enormous variety of dishes that can be found in Indonesia.
  • That train of thought really suits Lucullus, where we offer you an assortment in which western and Asian customs and trends find each other: we have it all
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NPV FRUIT JUICE, available in 5 flavors :





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